Monday, June 28, 2010

Six Months...Are You Kidding!

Where the heck have we been the past 6 months? Life has changed so much. Here is a break down by month. Pictures will follow.

Jeff - Started a new job working at a practice we were trying to purchase.
Krishawn - Trying to keep afloat.
Johnathan - Trucking along in 7th grade.
Joshua - Playing flag football on a team that did really well. NOT!
Landon - Just hanging out with mom.
Kolton - Sitting up.
Kamryn - Sitting up.

Jeff - Still working for the practice we were trying to buy.
Krishawn - Starting to sink.
Johnathan - Doing reports galore.
Joshua - Still playing for a really good football team. NOT!
Landon - Part of the reason Krishawn was sinking.
Kolton - Started crawling while Jeff and I were at a wrestling tournament.
Kamryn - Started crawling about 2 weeks before Kolton.

Jeff - Finally purchased the dental practice he had been trying to buy.
Krishawn - Sinking.
Johnathan - Began making crazy things out of sticks with a friend.
Joshua - Begging to not have to continue to play football.
Landon - Hung out with grandma for a few weeks.
Kolton - Crawling everywhere following Kamryn.
Kamryn - Becoming the boss of her brother Kolton.

Jeff - Loving his new practice but now dealing with the drama of women.
Krishawn - Wondering how the heck she will get to the surface again.
Johnathan - Still making weird things and having a blast at it.
Joshua - Done playing football. Thank Goodness!
Landon - Addicted to the Wii.
Kolton - Still crawling around and starting to pull himself up.
Kamryn - Pulling herself up and crawling circles around her brother.

Jeff - Finished up his website for the practice.
Krishawn - Begging for a raft and I got a small one thrown to me. A house cleaner.
Johnathan - Finished 7th grade.
Joshua - Finished 3rd grade.
Landon - Still addicted to the Wii.
Kolton - Still crawling and pulling himself up.
Kamryn - Started to walk.

Jeff - Really busy at work. Loving his job and all the stress that comes with it.
Krishawn - Floating again. Its a nice feeling to not be holding my breath.
Johnathan - Attended 2 scout camps and has spent the month in Utah.
Joshua - Swimming like a fish. Dark as can be. Makes me sick!
Landon - Started swim lessons and is really trying to swim like a fish.
Kolton - Turned 1 and started walking.
Kamryn - Turned 1 and started running.


Eric and Laura said...

So fun to check in on your blog! I can't wait to see pictures of your cute family! I can't believe it's been so long since we were neighbors! Life moves too quickly doesn't it? Let us know if you need to get away from the's nice and cool up here in the AZ mountains & we'd love to see you guys.

Tyson and Stephanie said...

I love it! Your updates are the best. I'm glad the raft came your way to bring you afloat! Great post! Now we need some pics!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Hope life is treating you better!!! I have missed you in the blogging world, but understand you have your hands FULL!!

Steve Frahm said...

Cool to hear from you. Wondered where you'd been! Congrats on the practice acquisition. See ya in six more months! :-)

Heather said...

Crazy how time flies! I was thinking about you guys last week and glad to see there was an updated blog post today! I am having number 5 and keep wondering if i'll need to get a house cleaner for sometime. I will not have to feel guilty if I get one now, knowing that Krishawn did it too. sounds like business is good. I am happy for you guys.

Susan said...

I didn't realize you had a blog! Found you through Melody's :) You should update this thing more often... c'mon!! ;) I have a blog too... I'll send you an invite. :)

Janene said...

So fun to see what you guys are up to. I hope you're still floating! I can NOT imagine what it's like chasing 2 toddlers!! Hang in there!

Steve Frahm said...

It has been longer than 6 months, now...

Michael Bavaro said...

Yeah where the heck have you been?! I don't even disapear from my Glendale Dentistry for that long!!